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Wild turkey predating farm crops

he eastern wild turkey can be found from northern Florida and Mississippi to Maine and northern North Dakota.

The home range of wild turkeys is one to four square miles or about 640 to 2,000 acres.Michigan landowners who are able to provide the necessary habitat components are likely to have turkeys on their property, especially if they live in a region of the state that does not receive more than 60 inches of snow each year. The bird's ability to run at 15 to 18 miles per hour and to fly on five-foot-wide wings at speeds approaching 55 miles per hour also make it a challenging quarry for predators. Because the birds may travel several miles each day, opportunities for seeing them are good if habitat needs are met.Turkeys are social birds and in winter often separate into three distinct groups: adult males (toms), young males (jakes), and females (hens) of all ages.These flocks begin to disperse in late winter or early spring when courtship and mating rituals begin.Toms set up territories and begin gobbling, strutting, and displaying in hopes of attracting a harem of hens.Most hens, regardless of age, will breed with a gobbler each spring.Egg laying begins in April, and each hen will lay a clutch of 11 to 12 eggs over a two-week period.She usually chooses the base of a large, mature tree or stump, such as an oak or beech, in fairly open, isolated woods.However, some hens may nest in idle fields of weeds or grass.Nests are also found next to downed tree tops and brush piles.When the clutch is complete, the hen will incubate her eggs for 28 days.


  1. Western states, including Iowa, have examined diets of wild turkey in agricultural areas. A 1989 study in southwestern Wisconsin examined the contents of more than 100 crops the pouch in the turkey's neck used to store food before digestion taken from birds shot after feeding in crop fields. During the spring, turkey crops.

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