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Who is zacahary levi dating

Above is another slice of my contingency equipment, one of the “go bags” ready for tossing into the evacuation vehicle on short notice.

Depending on the part of the country we are traveling to, it sometime comes along as an essential piece of vacation luggage.

The fitted rifle case is old, but I don’t believe it is as old as the rifle it houses.

and I am not certain that the newer cases are made in the USA.

My old case has plenty of room for extras, such as the 800 rounds of LR ammo, weatherproof matches, space blanket, light raingear, spare pocketknife, etc.

This rifle has proven to be superbly reliable; otherwise, it would not be suitable for contingencies.

The different ammo brands are “just in case.”)Production of the began in 1914 and continues today, another of the enduring John Moses Browning designs.

It once was the premier small caliber rifle for woodland adventures, commonly mentioned by writers in all the outdoor magazines.

Weighing in at a nominal 5 pounds, 38’’ overall assembled length, 19’’ barrel, 11 rounds of .22 LR in the tubular butt magazine, it is a well-balanced hunting or hiking companion, accurate, reliable, and durable.

Many suggest it as a good choice for a survival firearm.


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