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He knows what he’s looking for and is all too happy to click away from any man who may not fit what he covets. Shrouded in a darkened movie theater, I felt the pang of recognition.I’d been Frankie, toying with different angles to better show off my body, aiming for the kind of standoffish allure that suggested more could be elicited and demanded should you know how best to ask.I’d also been the men Frankie chatted with—some all too eager and hungry for what was under his shirt, others more savvy, knowing his coyness was a screening mechanism that required careful disassembly, and others still whose flagrant exhibitionism didn’t require his engagement. I hadn’t encountered a character quite like Frankie before.Throughout Hittman’s film, his wandering eyes are constantly cruising and surveying.He’s a shapeshifting creature looking for what best to emulate to make sure he goes about his day unperturbed. He’s on the lookout for other men like him, not just to lust after them, but to make sure his own body is not legible.The anthropological indexing he masters online is put to good use when out and about in his Brooklyn neighborhood.Just as he knows a gruff grunt or a gentle come-hither look will earn him the praise of similarly turned-on men on the other side of the computer screen, Frankie modulates his body movements while on Coney Island to play the laconic straight man he’s supposed to embody.Worried his long, luscious hair makes his features all too soft, for example, he trims it off on a whim, adopting the military-style buzz cut his boardwalk bros sport.This allows him to blend in more, but it also helps craft an iconic gay male object of desire: When cruising men along the water, Frankie is a late ’90s vision of those ambling hustlers along another very different New York City waterfront.With his white tank top and buzzed hair, he’s what we’d euphemistically have called “trade.”I never quite succeeded at playing the “straight boy” as well as Frankie does.My high-pitched voice and my penchant for loose-hipped movement always gave me away.


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