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Employment testing is the practice of administering written, oral, or other tests as a means of determining the suitability or desirability of a job applicant.The premise is that if scores on a test correlate with job performance, then it is economically useful for the employer to select employees based on scores from that test.The United States Supreme Court has decided several cases clarifying the place of employment testing in the context of discrimination law. was that the employer must demonstrate (or be prepared to demonstrate) that its selection process is related to the job being filled.In particular, these cases have addressed the discriminatory use of tests when promoting employees by requiring tests beyond the education required for the job. Different types of assessments may be used for employment testing, including personality tests, intelligence tests, work samples, and assessment centers.Some correlate better with job performance than with others; employers often use more than one to maximize predictive power.Performance-based assessment testing is a process to find out if applicants can do the job for which they are applying.It is done through tests, which are directly administered and judged by Hiring Managers who will be supervising the potential hire.Performance assessments can be used as a pre-screening tool to test applied knowledge, skills-job match and commitment of the applicant towards the job position.

The tests are open ended, time bound, business related questions which applicants need to submit their responses for in order to prove their abilities.

allow candidate responses to be judged directly by Hiring Managers of the respective departments to select the ones most suited for the role, thus making the process efficient for the company.

Personality tests may potentially be useful in personnel selection.

Of the well-known Big Five personality traits, only conscientiousness correlates substantially with traditional measures of job performance, and that correlation is strong enough to be predictive.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is also used.


  1. Test validity is the extent to which. to the degree to which evidence and theory support the interpretations of test scores entailed by proposed uses of tests.

  2. Validation for Pre-employment Testing. Pre-employment testing can be a very effective and cost efficient way to assess whether candidates, either individually or in a.

  3. Pre-employment tests are powerful tools that employers can use to dramatically streamline the hiring process. Administering pre-employment tests allows companies to.

  4. CritiCallâ„¢pre-employment testing for 911 operators. Validating, and Analyzing Written Tests. validating the test

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