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In the winter of 2003 I lived in Austin, Texas with a couple friends of mine from Martha's Vineyard.We were looking for a warm and fun place to pass the time until the next Vineyard season.When we got there we discovered that Austin was a much cheaper place to live than what we were used to (NYC, Boston, etc.), so we spent a good portion of our time there unemployed.In order to save some money we didn't get cable TV, and hardly went out that much.Our standard late night activities included watching 3 syndicated reality dating shows on whatever the local WB Network channel was. To me it was the worst of the three, and involved cheesy pop-up bubbles on the screen. A guy or girl went on a date with 4 members of the opposite sex, and would gradually get rid of them one at a time.

Here's a clip from 5th Wheel, and vote in the poll on the right.

This is an article for the 1999 Syndicated reality show.

for the 1941 ABC/NBC/Dumont show, see Blind Date (1).

Blind Date is a formerly popular syndicated reality dating show where men and women who have never met each other before are often set up on blind dates prior to the show while a camera crew follows them around to record how the date went, which even includes a series of hilariously running commentary.

During each episode, people who did not know each other were paired up and sent off on a blind date.


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