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Survey results will start coming in seconds after your survey is live, and small surveys can be completed within a few minutes giving you rapid, actionable feedback. Users can opt for respondents with different demographic profiles.

Profiling is a ongoing exercise and we have an ever expanding profiled respondent universe.

Look at industry leaders to help predict your own coffee shop startup costs.If you’re opening a boutique coffee shop, scan the financial statement of a similar company that's publicly traded, such as Caribou Coffee.Obviously your revenue numbers will look a little different, but break down how much a coffee chain spends on cost of sales and administrative expenses as a percentage of revenue.Keep in mind that large companies and chains will be more efficient since they have greater buying power and economies of scale than a start-up, but you can still use these percentages as goals to shoot for.Trade associations are an invaluable source of information for both new and established companies.Chances are whatever niche your coffee shop is in–from organic beans supplied by remote villages in Africa to partnering with local independent bookstores for partnering on opening new locations—there is already an entrepreneur support group out there with industry information, statistics and maybe even a magazine you can subscribe to, as well as several different entrepreneur forums where you can share ideas online.Also, don’t be afraid to seek out other entrepreneurs who have set up shop with successful coffee shops either locally, or in surrounding areas and talk to them about their experience with coffee shop startup costs, especially unexpected costs.Business success stories like Google, Mc Donald’s or The Body Shop were not overnight sensations.When calculating start-up costs for your coffee shop, keep in mind that you will likely need a few months of funding to cover expenses before you even open for business.And once you do begin operating, it likely will take a significant amount of time until the business is self-sustaining.When approaching banks and other lenders for money, try to include a substantial cushion for beginning operations to ensure you’ll have enough money to set up an office, take orders, hire employees if necessary, and cover other related costs.


  1. Standard startup pitches are boring – PERIOD! But there is hope – there is the Startup Dating Game.

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