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Skype cam chat free female

Facebook is rolling out video calling to Messenger today, letting users chat face to face with their friends by tapping a single button inside the app.The free feature, which works over both LTE and Wi-Fi, competes with similar products including Microsoft's Skype, Google Hangouts, and Apple's Face Time.It's meant for the average user, but should also prove useful to Facebook as it continues developing its Facebook for Work service.From a product standpoint, there isn't much to say about video calling in Messenger.

While Facebook doesn't profit from the calls, they keep the company at the center of its users' communication habits.

In a related move, last week Facebook introduced Hello, an Android dialer and contacts manager that promotes using Facebook for more calls.

Earlier in the month, Messenger rolled out a desktop version of the service.

It's all part of an effort to turn Messenger into an Asian-style messaging platform like LINE or We Chat, which generate enormous revenues through e-commerce, gaming, and other services.

And as Facebook's business offering comes into focus, video could be a smart area of focus: I've rarely met a business satisfied with its video calling solution.


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