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While university students are out enjoying themselves, Claire* is stuck at home and having spring break blues. is a silly little short game that gives a lazy virgin college student a fun and safe space to explore her first sexual experience with a partner of her choice, if she so desires. This game is about consent and feeling safe in intimacy, so you can stop the sexytimes at different points, or keep going. You'll have the choice to censor the naughty bits in game if you'd like.After wishing for a fun fling, she suddenly finds herself in the company of four sex demons! In our team, we felt there was a need of consent in 18 VNs for women, and Na No Ren O 2015 was the perfect excuse to make a game to fit those needs!Since Na No Ren O is only a month long, we decided to focus on a short and fun story instead of developing a longer love story, so there is no "proper romance" in this game (no loving gazes and no declarations of love), however all parties care for each other and are very loving, gentle and compassionate.Our keywords were: Cute, Silly, Super-Short, Safe and Vanilla.We sadly didn't meet our end of March deadline, but we still wanted to release what we managed to complete, which were Akki's and Mirari's scenes, and we were surprised to meet with such a wonderful reception from fans!

After many months (we seriously didn't think it'd take this long...) we finally got it all done!

decorating a set, each bachelor dresses appropriately for their role as host, bachelorette (willing to dress as a girl), 3 bachelors -the star bachelor being the cub scout and the two losers a business man and surfer dude.

The Dating Game Host- “Welcome everyone to the Dating Game.

Tonight our lovely bachelorette, Doleen (cub scout dresses as a girl) will choose one lucky bachelor.

“Doleen” enjoys collecting Yugio cards, playing linebacker for the Sirens and building her upper body strength.


  1. THE DATING GAME - Author Kelly Meadows - Script $8.75 - Ten Minute Monologue - Comedy - Dating, Movies, Film and Television, Interview - 10 minutes - ISBN 978-1.

  2. A page for describing SoYouWantTo Write a Dating Sim. Perhaps you are interested in creating a cute story in which the main character can end up with one.

  3. Dating script free download. pH7 Social Dating CMS pH7CMS pH7CMS is a Professional, Free & Open Source PHP Social Dating Builder Software primarily.

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