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Remington 1100 serial number dating

It's been a few years, and there is still confusion about what changed and what is legal since the passage of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, better known as the 1994 Crime Bill.

This is not always the case, contrary to several lists that can be found online or at gun shows. did the dealer who purchased it have it as a SAW before The Date?

For example, if a manufacturer's books show a serial number as being manufactured on August 23, 1994, and also lists that serial number being shipped on September 3, 1994, is this a pre-ban receiver? If the books only show when a serial number was made and left, you still don't know how it was shipped. These are all questions that are unanswerable with the provided information, so don't go on these facts alone!

Remember, you must know when the receiver was built into a firearm!

I hope that the foregoing has been responsive to any misconceptions you as the reader may have about pre-ban and post-ban receivers/guns/regulations. He was also a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff in a small Southwest Washington county, but has since moved on to other employment.

Please pass this information on to your friends, neighbors, local gun shops, or anywhere you feel this could be helpful. Sattler is the former Director of Law Enforcement and Internet Sales, and previous Archival Records Manager for Olympic Arms, Inc. ALL OF THE INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE IS BASED UPON THE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF INDIVIDUALS WHO MAY BE USING SPECIAL TOOLS, PRODUCTS, EQUIPMENT AND COMPONENTS UNDER PARTICULAR CONDITIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES, SOME OR ALL OF WHICH MAY NOT BE REPORTED, NOR OTHERWISE VERIFIED IN THIS ARTICLE.


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