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Quicken hangs updating financial institution information

Quicken is a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc. On March 3, 2016, Intuit announced plans to sell Quicken to H. Quicken's major marketplace is North America, and most of the software sold is specialized for the United States and Canadian marketplace and user base.

Since 2008, each version has tended to have the release year in the product name (e.g., Quicken Basic 2008); before then, versions were numbered (e.g., Quicken 8 for DOS).

There are several versions of Quicken for Windows, including Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Rental Property Manager, Quicken Premier, and Quicken Home & Business, as well as Quicken for Mac.

But the core functions can often be used more widely, regardless of country; and versions have been tailored for a variety of marketplaces, including Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Development of the UK-specific version of Quicken was stopped in January 2005, with sales and support ending shortly afterwards.

There were also versions for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Quicken includes online services that allow users to retrieve transactions from various providers – such as their bank or credit card company.The product has included a 'sunset provision' that stops online features and any QFX formatted files from working after a certain amount of time, The Quicken brand has been extended to other personal and household areas, including healthcare.Quicken Health Expense Tracker is a free online tool for healthcare consumers enrolled in participating health plans.Users can "manage and direct their health care finances, view and organize medical expenses, payments and service histories, and download and organize personal health claims data." The Quicken Medical Expense Manager is a desktop software tool for managing healthcare paperwork, tracking claims and payments, and consolidating related information.Quicken Kids & Money was a Web-based program that aimed to help parents teach five- to eight-year-old children how to earn, spend, save, and share money. Other products are aimed at home business and seem to fit in a space for a less formal business than would be using Quick Books.Quicken Rental Property Manager is a desktop software tool for managing rental properties; tracking tenants, expenses, and payments; and producing tax reports.Quicken Online was a free, hosted solution (see software as a service) by Intuit.Intuit hosted all of the user's data, and provided patches and regularly upgraded the software automatically.Initially this was launched as a monthly paid subscription, and was a free service for over a year.During the year that it was free, it acquired over 1.5 million customers.Quicken Online was discontinued on August 29, 2010, and users were encouraged to transition to


  1. Troubleshooting Guide - Quicken. The error message "Your financial institution has rejected. This safeguard ensures that your online information in Quicken.

  2. Financial Software How to Update Quicken for Windows or Mac. Visit the Quicken support page for information how to update Quicken Mac 2015 without using the App.

  3. Type in Quicken Other accounts at other financial. institution when deleting setup information for. hangs on "Updating financial institution.

  4. My quicken program has stopped downloading my account information as. first go to the bank/financial institution's website make sure. But quicken still won't.

  5. Problem opening Quicken. it can get stuck when updating your accounts from a financial institution. This message cannot be interpreted by Quicken, so it hangs.

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