Pann dating

[ 217, -63] I searched on Nate Pann and there was a post on March 12th saying Teddy and Jennie are dating so I guess it's not totally random 2 .[ 186, -34] I don't know about them dating but doesn't Jennie kind of look similar with Han Ye Seul? [ 131, -6] Why doesn't YG ever take legal action against the rumors about Jennie being an iljin?

ㅡㅡ Isn't that more urgent than this since it harms the group's image? [ 88, -3] As someone who works in a related industry, I actually thought it was possible when I first heard the rumor 5. Look at UEE, she denied it so vehemently when rumors first broke out but the minute Dispatch uploaded pictures, she said she was dating ㅋ 6. [ 47, -3] Shouldn't people be claiming these rumors at least with date pictures or Lovestagram proof?

[ 83, -1] Article's probably talking about this Pann post from March 7th about hearsay from an industry insider saying Teddy and Han Ye Seul broke up and he's now dating a YG rookie girl group member who studied abroad and is in charge of rap 7. Anyone can make dating rumors if all you need are two names 10.

[ 67, -2] Tony dated Hyeri, why are people saying it could never make sense?

Additionally, it will be very risky once something scandalous like this gets published.

Nope, this began ever since Taeyeon and Leeteuk, Taeyeon and Kangin, LOL [ 328][-32] 3. So nobody else recalls friendship between Jessica and Jaejoong or am I just old.. So far this is who dated within SM: I'm personally not sure about Chanyeol and Joy.

helped her because of that, while the stuff for Joy and Chanyeol is plain bogus [ 234][-13] 4.

At that time, Shawols and Sones were aware of something that possibly involved Taecyeon [ 64][-5] 10. She must be with all six member then, because they were all next to Chanyeol [ 51][-5] SM타운은 연애의 콘서트장입니다.

Is Taeyeon going back to playing with SM male idols?? As for Jonghyun and Yeri, in all honesty it seems like a delusion that Jonghyun would risk being with a minor [ 65][-12] 9. It was merely Jonghyun and Jessica being fond of each other so it got misconstrued for something more.


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