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If you're curious about life in other places than you might want to explore the world of Webcams, simple cameras set up to record and share events online.

There are a wide variety of fascinating cameras sending streaming imagery stationed in a myriad of situations, anything from a North Pole research team to a live feed from an African watering hole.

Using your favorite search engine, a simple search can unearth great finds quite easily.

Try "eagle cam", "eagle webcam" (substituting what your particular interest is for the word "eagle"), and you might be surprised at what turns up.

This works for destinations and events as well; i.e., "rockies web cam" or "fireworks webcam".

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Most webcams have just a few different kinds of URLs, and you can find some hidden gems that are currently in Google's index.

Two more new video widgets - this time offering the ability to post webcam videos to social networks, were submitted to Mashable today.

With Flixn and Flikzor (to some extent) playing this game already, it looks like Stickam might have competition.

The first newcomer is the live webcam widget, from the established live chat site ANYwebcam.

This is designed for live streaming: just turn on the webcam, and your face is broadcast live from your My Space page or blog.


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