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If you haven’t took it already, click the following link to answer our quiz on – HOW MANY OF THESE MALAY SMS MESSAGES CAN YOU INTERPRET?

(We’d like to apologize in advance if we cause you any pain and misery.) If your eyes twitched like ours did, then you’re probably too old to speak like the cool kids anymore. Hence, this is our attempt to list all of the common singkatan, bahasa SMS, and Malay Internet slang for your reference.

We try to cover as much ground as we could, but suggestions and corrections are always welcomed!

You need an online translator for translating Malay into Tamil.

We honestly hope that our automatic translator will help and simplify Malay - Tamil translation of texts.

Our site can help you both as a translator and a dictionary for the whole text.

All you need to do is copy and paste the desired text.

In case you need an absolutely correct and precise translation, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional translator for the Tamil language.

Choose a language from which you wish to translate a text and the translation target language, type in (paste) the text and then press the button "Translate".

in which you can do the following things: - Enjoys the largest community of people unknown to the world. - Spy others video chats anonymously if you are allowed.

- Chat anonymously with no micro and no video in the "text" mode.

- Have fun while you click "Next" to find someone interesting. - If you don't want to be spied change it in "Settings".

Group Video Chats Setting up group video chats with your friends has never been easier.


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