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My wife saw something on tv a while back about improving the intimacy in marriage by having sex every day for 100 straight days. I do not think it's natural for a married couple (or any couple) to have sex every day for 100 straight days.

More sex=a heightened awareness of your personal identity as part of a couple. Most likely at some point, she'd probably realize that 100 might be a bit unrealistic for her anyway. If married sex really is making love, then it has to involve much more than the physical act.

It makes you more empathic and increases affection. At least you tried something that SHE wanted to do to try to make YOUR marriage better. It must be done in the context of romance - the mood must be right, the desire should be mutual (to some extent), etc...

And how the hell have you stayed together for 17 years without having sex after fighting? And this set of circumstances is NEVER going to happen every single day for 100 straight days, especially to a couple of 17 years with 3 kids in the house.

The only way we could have sex every day for 100 straight days is if we, on many occasions, just forced ourselves to have sex every night come hell or high water. After all you've read about post nuptial shutoff on LR, and all the sad stories of sexless marriages, how could you turn down the chance for sex for 100 straight days?

That means when we have a fight after dinner about something, tough crap - we're doing it before we go to sleep. Most guys here won't have sex 100 times again in their whole lives.


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