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For payment by telephone: The cost for 30 days - 30.After a video came out this week of two young Palestinian women slapping Israeli soldiers in the occupied village of Nabi Saleh, the Israeli leftwing group Peace Now tweeted that the soldiers were “heroes” for not responding violently, and issued a statement commending the soldiers for “demonstrating moral fortitude in the face of an attempted stunt to blacken Israel’s image.” The day those women slapped the soldiers, their 14-year-old cousin was shot in the face by Israeli soldiers, blood pouring from his head “like a fountain,” and he had to undergo a lengthy operation. But people should know: this is the world Zionism made. The 16-year-old, Ahed Tamimi, faces a possibly lengthy sentence so that Israel can maintain its honor. I find this so dispiriting it is hard to put one word after another.In which a leftwing organization cares about Jewish soldiers maintaining their honor and purity of arms; and has nothing to say about human rights violations against an occupied, subject people.This is a story about Jewish identity being rooted in trauma; and how long will it take us to overcome that trauma?The Palestinian experience today is a lot like the Jewish experience of pogroms 100 years ago and more in eastern Europe. The most powerful Jew in the world, the banker Jacob Schiff, supported the Russian revolution because he so hated the czar.As Jews were beaten and killed by marauding gangs with the blessing of the state — American Jews were not silent. The most brilliant Jew in the world, Franz Kafka came out of his office in Prague to see Jews being beaten and he went to Zionist meetings.Today millions of Palestinians under occupation are being humiliated, deprived of freedom, their children given no chance to dream of a better life…and the leftwing Zionist organization says a 16-year-old Palestinian woman whose cousin was maimed and who slapped a soldier in the courtyard of her house is carrying out a stunt. Israel is 20 percent non-Jewish; and it rules territories containing 5 million Palestinians; and though the world has resolved to “extricate” the Jews from the Arabs for 70 years now, the communities are intertwined more than ever, as Israeli Jews flood the West Bank and build more and more Jewish-only colonies.Peace Now urges separation: “the occupation corrodes Israel and its image, and will continue until Israel extricates itself from the Palestinians.” Jewish separation from Palestinians is a delusion. These Jewish colonies and their military escort have inflicted endless trauma on the subject population.Ahed Tamimi is plainly traumatized; she has been subject to violence again and again in her short life.


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