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Deal breakers dating relationships

Everyone has at least one, or multiple, relationship deal breakers.

But how about from the guy’s perspective, and for the guys who are actually invested in finding and being in a committed relationship?

I’m talking about the guys who are visualizing possibly marriage, or a future with someone special.

I think these relationship deal breakers might be a little hard to swallow at first, since no one is perfect, and maybe you don’t fit every single bullet point.

But if you’re aiming to improve for yourself, that’s really all that matters.

Now being married, I had realized the direction in life I needed to take in order for allowing the right one to come along, and what sent me away in heartache years ago.

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A man looking for commitment is turned away from any woman who isn’t already committed to .A man doesn’t expect you to have a play-by-play of the next 5 years of your life.But having simple knowledgeable life skills will get you extra bonus points – like not having any debt, being motivated for your future and setting goals for yourself is a really good start. But the every weekend thing at your favorite club or bar with your sorority sisters has got to come to an end. I’m not saying the occasional party or night out needs to fizzle – we’re all entitled to fun, a stress release and time with our friends.But a committed man does not want to learn that you get belligerent drunk, or post up at the club with your girlfriends every weekend or .No matter how old you are, there will and is going to be some of it in your life – guaranteed.But the old stuff from high school or college – like the [your roommate Becky slept with your on and off boyfriend] thing you refuse to let go – leave it a thing in your past. It happened back then for a reason, now the years forward and the next guy shouldn’t have to pay for it.Any guy, for that matter, doesn’t want to invest in someone with a constant negative outlook.A readily committed man doesn’t have the time or energy to be meddling with your past life’s drama.If you’re still talking to that ex that keeps calling or texting, you need to make two choices: ), its time you start reevaluating your personal life choices.It’s not a positive note to know you’ve done jail time for a D. I, or have been fired from three jobs due to starting a fight with your boss or co-workers. Alright, so you’re not an Angel – neither was I at a young age, by any means.But I knew that in order to attract the right man, who would treat me with dignity and respect – I had to start by ?


  1. I bet you have experienced a breakup at least once in your life. Why do we have so many problems keeping our long-term relationships work? Here are top 10 deal.

  2. A recent study has confirmed that we all have deal-breakers in relationships. But what it found about these deal-breakers is that they’re different for.

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