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Although Skype discontinued its support of public chat rooms with the introduction of Skype 4.0, you can still join chat rooms that have remained in existence since prior to that time.Skype does not support any of these chat rooms, however.

Diese Gruppen können Sie auch als Favorit zu Ihrer Kontaktliste hinzufügen, damit Sie einen schnellen Zugriff auf Ihre Chat-Rooms haben.

Wenn Sie Ihre Chat-Rooms beziehungsweise Gruppen wieder beenden wollen, können Sie durch Klicken auf den Button "Schließen" oben rechts die Gruppe schließen.

Today, Skype for Windows is one of the best and most popular application for the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 which is designed to communicate over the Internet using text, voice and video.

Already millions of users of the operating system Windows XP/7 use Skype to communicate with family or friends, to manage business, organize presentations, trainings and more.

The table below contains all versions of Skype for Windows, which had published on our site.


  1. Wenn Sie einen Account bei Skype besitzen, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre Kontakte zu einer Gruppe hinzuzufügen, um somit ein Art von Chat-Room zu. - Chatrooms.

  2. Group Chat Skype Room Directory Find Group Chat Skype Rooms on Your Favorite Topic by Category. List You Skype Room at this Skype Chat Directory!

  3. Meet new people that are passionate about Skype in Skype Chat.

  4. That’s why Skype is teaming up with Acer to bring intrigue to the daily lives of fans with an online scavenger hunt filled with prizes and adventure.

  5. V. SkypeChatRoomsToMeetPeople ABSTRACT my crossdresser world news headlines today Skype Chat Rooms To Meet People single fathers support groups. free

  6. Create instant video chat rooms and make video calls for FREE with ICQ! Windows, MAC, iOS iPhone/iPad and Android!

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