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Dating craftsman knives

Every craftsman wants the perfect knife for the job. That is why Hultafors expands its range with new knives.

Each dedicated to specific tasks of professional craftsmen.

The new knives is the 2016 addition to Hultafors’ popular range of Craftsman’s knives.

The series now encompass 20 different knives dedicated to the needs of driven professionals.

As always, listening to the needs of professional craftsmen was the natural starting point for the product development team led by Nikita Golovlev, Head of Design for Tools at Hultafors Group.- Keeping close contact with professional users has been valuable both in generating ideas and getting the details right, he says.

The new offerings include a Precision knife with friction grip, an Electrical Fitter’s knife for easy cable stripping and a Flexible knife with a thin bendable blade for tasks such as removing paint or silicone.

Two new siblings are the Rescue knife and the Rope knife.

Both come with serrated stainless steel blades and friction grip, but the Rescue knife has a blunt tip for safety reasons.- We also see a growing interest in bushcraft and outdoor activities.

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Buck knives are so familiar to Americans that many of us do think it’s a type of knife instead of a company name.

Buck knives aren’t just for deer hunters, although hunting and skinning knives do make up a large part of their business.

Buck gained an early reputation as a maker of affordable knives of high quality, with blades that you could hone razor sharp with confidence they’d stay that way.

If you buy a Buck knife you’ll own it for a long time — the company also sells replacement sheaths, because people carry Bucks long enough to wear the leather out.

Hoyt Buck made the first Buck knife while still a blacksmith’s apprentice in 1902 Kansas.


  1. Dec 30, 2013. CRAFTSMAN copyrighted 1928. Even though he stated 1928 as a start date for Craftsman, Goins dates the CRAFTSMAN tang stamps as 1941 to present 1998, time of publication. He also stated that some knives were marked Schrade-Walden N. Y. USA on the tangs, but "CRAFTSMAN" on the knife's.

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