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Dating codes gillette razors

Prior to the invention of the Gillette Adjustable razor, as it was ultimately brought to market in the 1950's, Gillette was refining the basic architecture of the double edge razor.

The two areas they identified as ones in need were the blade loading mechanism and the need for blade exposure meet the shaving needs of a larger group of people.

Blade Loading Mechanism: As early as the mid 1930's Gillette was toying with the idea of a quick opening mechanism.

By providing an innovative product, not only could Gillette increase customer satisfaction, but they could protect their markets though proprietary intellectual property.

Before the twist-to-open knob, Gillette envisioned activated "cap" doors that would open exposing an area to accept a razor blade. However, the toggle lever would be phased out completely by 1961 after first being exposed to the public in June of 1956.

The twist-to-open mechanism would become the undisputed top method of opening the head of the razor for blade loading.

Finally, in 1958 Gillette had solved the adjustablity problem using engineering and marketing focus groups to produce a widely available, low cost solution to the problem. Razor #8 in the photo was originally from the factory nickel plated by Gillette. The following photos show the internal parts of two types of Toggle razors and their major part names. Notice with the Serial Toggle on the left that the base plate/blade bed and bottom plate are a major design difference to the Standard Toggle on the right.

However, this particular razor shown in the photo was re-plated in 24 Carat Gold by an aftermarket razor restorer. On the Serial Toggle, the bottom plate does the blade adjusting and on the Standard Toggle the base plate/blade bed does the blade adjusting.

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