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The tagline on his profile says “Cornell ’15,” and it’s apparent from his pictures that he likes fishing and is in a fraternity.

Seventy-one percent said they use Tinder, with Grindr — a similar dating app — coming in at 19 percent.Tinder and Grindr work in largely the same way, except Tinder is widely considered to be for those who identify as heterosexual and Grindr is geared predominantly toward men who identify as gay and bisexual.While these apps and websites are commonly called “dating sites,” college students do not use them exclusively for dating and finding relationships.In fact, 73 percent of survey respondents who use dating apps said they use them primarily for hooking up.Senior Tim Bidon began using Grindr a few years ago to meet other people both platonically and romantically.He said the relatively anonymous nature of apps like Tinder and Grindr can lend themselves to casual encounters.“On a rare occasion, you may find somebody that you click with on there, but I think by and large it makes for a quickness that isn’t there in conventional dating, and it sort of speeds things up,” Bidon said.“Sometimes, I feel like you miss the romantic part of everything, because everyone’s just out to get some tail.” Despite the growing usage of dating apps among college students, some feel a stigma surrounds this more detached way of meeting people.While Bidon no longer uses Grindr, he has noticed unfavorable reactions to online dating among his peers.“I think a lot of people have reservations, and I don’t necessarily disagree,” Bidon said.“It is a little sketch to meet somebody you’ve never met before, but it’s also something that’s probably more common than we let on.


  1. Nov 16, 2017. A new study from Cornell University, and published in the journal Physics and Society, suggests the way we meet our soulmates is changing the shape of. And when you consider the fact that one third of modern marriages start online these days, and online dating is now the second most common way for.

  2. Feb 28, 2016. Coffee Meets Bagel is built on the idea of everyone's favorite quick date idea grabbing a coffee. "Most of our members are busy young professionals," the creators of the app write on their website. "We know that one thing everyone looks forward to daily is coffee breaks." Connect with Facebook, and every.

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