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Consolidating data using datamarts

In computing, a data warehouse (DW or DWH), also known as an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system used for reporting and data analysis, and is considered a core component of business intelligence.uses staging, data integration, and access layers to house its key functions.

Today, the most successful companies are those that can respond quickly and flexibly to market changes and opportunities.A key to this response is the effective and efficient use of data and information by analysts and managers.Once data are stored in a data mart or warehouse, they can be accessed.A data mart is a simple form of a data warehouse that is focused on a single subject (or functional area), hence they draw data from a limited number of sources such as sales, finance or marketing.Data marts are often built and controlled by a single department within an organization.The sources could be internal operational systems, a central data warehouse, or external data.Denormalization is the norm for data modeling techniques in this system.Given that data marts generally cover only a subset of the data contained in a data warehouse, they are often easier and faster to implement.Online analytical processing (OLAP) is characterized by a relatively low volume of transactions.Queries are often very complex and involve aggregations.For OLAP systems, response time is an effectiveness measure.


  1. Consolidating data marts onto one common technological platform has important. Have a look at Curt Monash’s excellent article on the future of data marts.

  2. Data mart consolidation. with several predominant datamarts, some of which pre-dated the data. By consolidating data marts and the.

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