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Glaciologists drill and extract cylindrical cores from high-latitude ice sheets and use different techniques to estimate the cores’ age at certain depths.

Bible skeptics, like recent debater Bill Nye, claim these ice cores contain hundreds of thousands of annual layers, far too many for the Bible’s short timescale.

However, two “dating details” negate this challenge.

They assigned an “age” of about 85,000 years to the 2,800-meter depth back in 1994.

However, other scientists produced a “SPECMAP” timescale based on the idea that seafloor sediments were deposited slowly and gradually for many thousands of years.

Their SPECMAP predicted that the GISP2 ice should have been 25,000 years older at that 2,800-meter depth.

Workers then re-counted dust layers and conveniently found the “missing” 25,000 supposed years.

Secular expectations guided their age-dating procedures in a tight circle that excluded the biblical record.


  1. Evidence for creation Evidence Bill Nye's. It supposedly solves the problem of unknown initial conditions through a process known as isochron dating. Bill Nye.

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