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An error occurred generating a bootstrapper unable to begin updating

Install on my personal machine - worked but not a good solution for the long run (need to get it back to work on remote desktop) This is the error I get: Error generating an asymmetric key. Throw If Fault Understood(Message reply, Message Fault fault, String action, Message Version version, Fault Converter fault Converter)at System. Handle Reply(Proxy Operation Runtime operation, Proxy Rpc& rpc)at System. Call(String action, Boolean oneway, Proxy Operation Runtime operation, Object[] ins, Object[] outs, Time Span timeout)at System. Invoke Service(IMethod Call Message method Call, Proxy Operation Runtime operation)at System. Invoke(IMessage message)Exception rethrown at [0]:at System.

Cryptographic Exception: Key not valid for use in specified System. Create Prov Handle(Csp Parameters parameters, Boolean random Key Container)at System. Get Key Pair Helper(Csp Algorithm Type key Type, Csp Parameters parameters, Boolean random Key Container, Int32 dw Key Size, Safe Prov Handle& safe Prov Handle, Safe Key Handle& safe Key Handle)at System. RSACrypto Service Provider..ctor(Int32 dw Key Size, Csp Parameters parameters, Boolean use Default Key Size)at Microsoft. Produce Asymmetric Key(String container Name, Boolean clean Up Old Keys)at Microsoft. Execute In Activity[T](Pipeline Activity Type pipeline Activity Type, Func`1 action)at Sync Invoke Generate Asymmetric Key(Object , Object[] , Object[] )at System. Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs)at System. Process(Boolean is Operation Context Set) any idea what I can do?Hello, I have a problem with publishing an application in Visual Studio. When I enable "Create setup program to install prerequisite components" in Publish tab the publishing is ending with error : 1) Cannot publish because a project failed to build.2) An error occurred generating a bootstrapper: Unable to begin updating resource for bin\Debug\app.publish\with error 80070002 I'm using ADO. Is there a way to let the prerequisite control turned on without getting error ? February 28This course offers customers an introduction to Solar Winds Backup, focusing on configuring the backup technology, taking backups, data restoration and data security.


  1. Error error Unable to create directory. Error occurred while generating update XML. Exit the installation and launch the product normally.

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