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Teens don't have the maturity to realize what they are doing can be risky, but grown ups should.We just had a case here fairly locally where a 14 year old girl stuffed her celly in her underoos, snapped a pic and sent it to her b/f.By the end of the school day it was already known to have been forwarded to over 150 other classmates.I have also seen some of the pics my gfs get from their male friends.Sexting and sending nude pictures over a phone can be, in some instances, a criminal act.Pandering is a felony, and if they pictures of a minor this can become a real nightmare.Of course I don't have the slightest clue what kind of discipline (or lack of obviously) goes on in their homes so I can't say much in that regard.Prejudices that plague the wider dating market are checked at the door: Asian men—who don’t fare well by Ok Cupid’s metrics—are a highly sought after commodity, possibly due to anime and Japanese dramas finally showing Asian male characters as objects of desire rather than derision.In an interview, Sales told me that she is getting questions from parents of teenagers who describe themselves as “overwhelmed” about social media and say they have no awareness or tools to deal with it, having grown up in a Facebook-less age.“I’m not a parenting expert,” Sales said, “But we have to help [teenagers] and guide them.“We need to find a way of navigating ourselves and our children back there, to the world of true and lasting connection.”And short of banishing them to the Himalayas or an Israeli kibbutz, maybe parents can start a “no-phone-Fridays”-for-teenagers movement.Media Post Editor-At-Large Barbara Lippert ([email protected]) covers the intersection of pop culture, advertising and marketing.


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