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Adult dating ruther glen virginia

He connected immediately with my family and is one of the best men of God I have ever met.

Enjoy my monthly meetings with Sharmaine and between meetings she calls or texts me just to check in. I appreciate her service on a personal and professional level Sharmaine helped me with setting my goals and helping me decided what it is that I want to do with my life. I was working at job that I wasn't passionate about, and going to school for something I wasn't completely excited about.

I was living my life basically to please the people around me and not doing what I truly wanted to do.

Our first meeting was at a fine dining restaurant for lunch.

She made me feel completely comfortable and let me get a feel for who she is and what her and her company (LEAP4LFE) is all about. She always follows up with me to see the progression with my situation.

I was really impressed with Sharmaine's educational background and admired her knowledge and personal experience as a working mother, wife and most importantly professionalism! I have had her counsel for almost eight months and I'm on the verge of completion of my goal.


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